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Our Philosophy


We believe success in education is built on the following:

Comprehensiveness of education – 

We believe that excellence in academic performance alone is incomplete.  The Academy seeks to develop moral and ethical characteristics so that our students are well-grounded and responsible members of society in all aspects.  The Samudre Academy introduces ethical learning concepts early in the curriculum.  This comprehensive approach to education is unique and a core competency for the Academy.

Competent Teachers – 

We believe that teachers should be highly qualified and committed to their art.   Our teachers work independently and enjoy full autonomy in the classroom.  This autonomy is the basis of providing a quality education.  We encourage our teacher’s educational level to be at-least at the master’s level and satisfy yearly continuing education development credits.

Student centered – 

We believe in providing individual attention to each student by providing an innovative curriculum, an environment that is conducive to learning, maintain a low student/teacher ratio, flexibility in teaching and non-centralized student evaluations.  These proven techniques have enabled students to excel in achieving traditional academic goals.

Encouraging assessment and evaluation – 

We believe that excessive testing is harmful to the learning environment.  Instead the student assessment, learning outcomes and performance evaluations are encouraging and supportive by nature.  The Academy’s aim is to ensure that such evaluations are positive experiences and based on individual skill set rather than standardized testing methods.

Significance of education in society – 

We believe that education, the learning process and teachers should be valued and appreciated.  The purpose of the academy is to be highly competitive and prepare our students to perform on an international stage.  The atmosphere at Samudre Academy strongly favors comprehensive academic excellence.

Flexible system based on empowerment – 

We believe that an education system should be flexible.  We have adopted “centralized steering with local implementation” concept.  Steering is conducted through committees that are responsible for the core curriculum and school planning. The education committee is responsible for the provision of education and the implementation. In this system, teachers and students enjoy autonomy in their learning process.

Co-operation – 

We believe that interaction and partnerships are built at all levels of activity. For individual student development there should be co-operation between the education committee, the academy, teacher, students and parents.  The Education committee supports the teachers to develop curriculum that is relevant and exemplifies academic excellence.  This group approach provides for strong development of each student.

Student-oriented, active conception of learning – 

We believe that the organization of schoolwork and education should be a combination of the student’s activities that are based on interaction with the teacher, other students and the learning environment.

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