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Samudre Academy Mini University offers Two-Week Short after school and weekend courses. All courses have Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels and are offered for grades K-12. These courses are designed to introduce basic concepts in each discipline and not meant to replace regular school curriculum.  Students will develop unique understanding of each discipline through a variety of demonstrations and class projects. The following is a brief description of courses offered:

1)   Animate Creatures and Create Games – Introduction to Computer Programming.

Learn to animate and create games while learning how to code.  This short course covers general programming concepts, such as algorithm design and debugging.  It will also introduce students to object-oriented programming.

2)   Let’s Build Robots

This course provides an overview of robot mechanisms, dynamics, and intelligent controls.  Topics include robot construction, motion planning; mechanism design for manipulators and mobile robots, and sensors.  Courses will design and fabricate working robotic systems in a group-based project.

3)   Potions and Spells – Introduction to Chemistry

Learn chemistry with Harry Potter at the Hogwarts Chemistry lab.  Fundamental concepts in chemistry are explored with practical lessons.  Topics covered include the periodic table, atoms and molecules, the pH scale and experimental design and techniques. This short course is not intended to replace regular school curriculum.

4)   Exploring Nemo’s World – Introduction to Biology

Explore the world of biology with the enchanting world of Nemo.  Fundamental concepts on the nature of living things, genetics, DNA, biotechnology, the diversity of living things, and ecology are explored.  This short course is not intended to replace regular school curriculum.

5)   Roller Coasters and Rockets – Introduction to Physics

The wild and thrilling amusement park rides are a gateway to learning fundamental concept in physics such as friction, potential energy, gravity, and acceleration.  In this course problem solving and quantitative reasoning is explored. Take a thrilling look at the applied physics of roller coasters and rockets.  This short course is not intended to replace regular school curriculum.

6)   Lights, Camera, Action – Introduction to Photography

This short photography course will teach the basics of photography.  Course topics include camera handling, composition, lighting, lenses and filters.  Master the practical photo tips and techniques of the pros.

7)   In the Kitchen with Ratatouille  – Introduction to Cooking

Learn the fundamentals of cooking in Ratatouille’s kitchen.  Classes are designed to help you understand the fundamentals of wholesome, health supportive and delicious cooking.

8)   Squidward and Spongebob make an Afghan – Introduction to Crochet

The Spongebob gang wants to keep warm with an afghan blanket.  Learn fundamental crochet skills and help Squiward and Spongebob create a warm blanket.

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